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Caleb Hester
Co-Founder / Writer

Whether it be running a 5k with friends, or deadlifting with my gym buddy, I have always had a passion for fitness. I have over 6 years of weight-lifting experience, I have learned the good, and the bad of all things exercise and health. I am always happy to share what I’ve learned and am continuing to learn in order to help others on their fitness journey.

Rickey Cyr
CO-Founder / Writer

Over the past 4 years of weight lifting and 6 years of running. I try to make it my goal to spread good and helpful fitness tips to as many people as I can trying to find out how to reshape their body figure just like I was back in 2015. I was 220lbs of all fat and after years of hard work and dedication I was able to lose so much weight just by staying focused and doing my research to find the best and most efficient ways to exercise and diet.

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