FITURE Fitness Mirror Review

FITURE Fitness Mirror Review

The FITURE Fitness Mirror is an innovative home workout equipment quickly gaining popularity. It combines a full-length mirror, an interactive touchscreen display, and various fitness apps and programs. This innovative piece of home gym equipment is designed to bring the convenience and motivation of a personal trainer right into your home. With many brands like Fiture, Tonal, Tempo, Peloton, and so on, it may be tedious to choose the best option that suits your need. Let’s begin with the FITURE Fitness mirror review.


  • On-screen Suggestions
  • Sleek Design
  • Interactive
  • Multiple Workout Programs


  • Varying Instruction Quality
  • The motion engine is not available for all classes
  • $39 per month for the workout programs
  • Motion sensor is not equally accurate on every type of classes

Design and Size

The Fiture Fitness Mirror is a sleek and stylish home gym equipment with a mirrored display and clean design lines. It stands at 68 inches, almost six feet tall, and extends almost to the floor. It can be leaned against a wall without needing bolts or anchors, making it suitable for apartments.

Control and Connectivity

It can be controlled through gestures or a mobile app. It has built-in speakers but can also be connected to Bluetooth speakers or headphones. It can also be connected to an Apple Watch as a heart rate monitor, allowing for control of the workout from the wrist.

One aspect that may disappoint some users is the lack of a touchscreen. Almost everything has a touchscreen in today’s world, and one on the Fiture Fitness Mirror may feel like a missed opportunity. It would have allowed for more direct interaction with the classes and workouts offered on the mirror, making the experience more modern and interactive. However, the lack of a touchscreen may also be seen as a positive, as it prevents the screen from being covered in fingerprints, preserving the appearance of the mirror.


Automatic Rep Tracking

This advanced technology allows users to monitor their progress in real-time, ensuring they’re always on top of their workouts. The mirror kept track of how many reps we had done and how long we had been working out, making it easy to stay on track and push ourselves toward our fitness goals.

Quick Feedback

This high-tech fitness Mirror also provides quick feedback on your workouts. As soon as we finished a set, the mirror displayed a detailed analysis of our performance, including the amount of time we spent on each exercise, the number of reps we completed, and the number of calories burned. This allows users to quickly identify areas where they can improve, allowing them to make the most of every workout.

Visual Suggestions

This feature uses the mirror’s built-in camera to provide detailed visual feedback on your form. As we moved through each exercise, the mirror displayed arrows and circles to indicate areas where our form could be improved—these on-screen suggestions will help users get the most out of their workouts.

The mirror will suggest new exercises and even provide detailed instructions to ensure you’re doing the exercises correctly. This makes it easy to stay motivated and ensures you get the best results possible.

AI-Powered Form Feedback

It has an AI-powered form feedback system that can detect even the slightest changes in form and provide detailed feedback. This helps the users to always work out with the right form and get the most out of every exercise.

Accurate Form Tracking by Motion Engine

It uses a motion engine to track your form accurately. This advanced technology can detect the slightest movement changes and provide detailed feedback on your form. So, you can always get the most out of every exercise and avoid any potential injuries.

Variety of Workouts


Numerous guided meditation lessons are available as part of the FITURE Fitness Mirror exercise membership, which may be used to unwind and lower stress. You may pick from various classes, such as yoga nidra, mindfulness meditation, and pranayama breathing. You will learn how to meditate in these workshops, which will also assist you in acquiring a thoughtful outlook on life.


A HIIT class may be taken in the convenience of your home. The exercises are made to help you fast burn fat and develop muscle. You have a variety of classes to pick from, such as tabata HIIT, HIIT cardio, and bodyweight HIIT.


Various stretching lessons are available through this Fitness Mirror home exercise subscription to help you increase your flexibility and relieve muscle stress. Yoga stretching, dynamic stretching, and foam rolling are all included in the classes. By taking these classes, you may increase your range of movement and lower your risk of injury.


You may increase your fitness and gain muscle by taking strength training sessions. Barbells, kettlebells, and strength training are all included in the classes. You’ll be able to enhance your strength, balance, and endurance with these classes.


Your strength and agility will develop through the boxing lessons. In these lessons, you will learn the foundations of boxing, including the correct stance, movements, and footwork. To keep you safe, you will also learn proper self-defense skills.


It can assist you in developing better balance, flexibility, and posture. Classes at the barre include barre sculpt, barre strength, and barre cardio.


provides yoga courses to assist you in increasing your flexibility, balance, and strength. Hatha, restorative, and vinyasa yoga are all taught in classes. With these sessions, you may unwind, manage your stress, and enhance your general well-being.


Pilates is a type of exercise that emphasizes posture improvement and core muscle strengthening. You can increase your core strength and flexibility by taking various pilates sessions through the FITURE Fitness Mirror exercise membership. Mat pilates, barre pilates, and reformer pilates are all offered as classes.

Cardio Sculpt

You may attain your fitness objectives and enhance your fitness by taking sculpt lessons. Bodyweight cardio, Tabata cardio, and HIIT cardio are a few of them.

Create Your Workout Program

You may design your training regimen utilizing more than 150 exercises with this at-home fitness mirror. The exercises may be customized in terms of their kind, rep count, length, and order. This enables you to design an exercise plan unique to your needs and fitness objectives.

The FITURE Fitness Mirror is arguably one of the best fitness mirrors you can get if you are willing to invest almost $1500, which is not affordable for everyone. Since the device only locates one user at a time, using it with your partner is not an option. It is a great investment for those looking to enhance their home workout experience. With all these features and innovations, FITURE has stood up against its competitors, such as Peloton, Tempo, etc.

FITURE Fitness Mirror Review
  • User Interface
  • Design
  • Pricing
  • Effectiveness
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