Bala Weights Review: Should You Buy Them?

Bala Weights

The compact and portable Bala Weights can increase resistance in exercises. In this post, we’ll examine Bala Weights in more detail to discover how they might assist you in achieving your fitness objectives. So continue reading to know the complete review of Bala Weights if you’re looking for a quick and efficient approach to getting in shape.


  • Stylish
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Comfy


  • Expensive
  • Velcros can be loose while doing high-impact workouts

Bala Bangles

Bala Bangles are elegant and fashionable wrist and ankle weights ideal for Instagram pictures. You may select the color that most closely matches your style from the seven available hues: Charcoal, Blush, Sand, Sea, Sage, Heather, and Shine. These bangles’ lightweight construction feels pleasant against the skin and doesn’t irritate it. The wrist and ankle weights are simple to attach and detach, thanks to the adjustable straps.

Although the strap is sturdy enough to prevent falling off during activities involving strong movement, these Bala weights can shift up and down once you begin sweating. Exercises with the weights feel awkward, especially with the ankle weights, and they aren’t meant to feel intense. These bangles are made to provide weight to your everyday workout routine and are ideal for beginners looking for an alternative to light metal weights or those who attend barre courses.

However, these wrist and ankle weights might be harmful if misused, which would be a drawback. These bracelets are inappropriate for the gym and can only add a tiny bit of weight to your home workout routine. You can get these Bala weights for $65 for the 2-pound strap and $55 for the one-pound strap.

Bala Beam

The Bala Beam is among the most ergonomic and comfy pieces of equipment on the market since it is a highly developed device built from soft silicone and the finest steel. This item is made to make the most of your home workout and is ideal for several exercises, including the lunge, curl, row, push, and squat.

The Bala Beam is available in six colors, including Charcoal, Blush, Sea, Sand, Sage, Heather, and Shine, and is 36″ x 2 14″ x 4 12″. You can rest the curved portion of the Bala Beam on the back of your neck and perform squats while holding the beam at both ends. Hold the beam over your head to perform lunges.

The cost of the Bala Beam is $109 for the 15 lbs. beam and $129 for the 25 lbs. beam. Additionally, most of the time, you can save up to 10–20% off the price.

Bala Bars

Bala Bars provide an interesting and inventive new training option without using conventional weights. Bala Bars are the ideal complement to any home workout regimen since they are made to be light, practical, and comfortable to use. Bala Bars, which weigh only three pounds, are created to offer a secure, safe workout with the ideal weight.

Therefore, they are ideal for folks just beginning their fitness journey because they won’t quickly get overwhelmed with weight. Due to their distinctive form, Bala Bars are intended to distribute weight evenly, unlike conventional dumbbells. This makes them easier to grasp and lowers the chance of harm from improper weight distribution.

Bala Bars may be utilized for various physical activities, including walking, HIIT, shadow boxing, aerobics, etc. They are, therefore, adaptable and versatile items of exercise gear. The Bala Bars are supple silicone bars with a steel core that are both pleasant and strong.

The pill form guarantees even weight distribution, and the material also lowers the possibility of harm from uneven weight distribution. The cost of these Bala weights is $59.

Bala Jump Rope

The Bala Jump Rope’s distinctive shape makes it great for high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and cardio for people of all fitness levels. The Bala Jump Rope has an adjustable rope, a changeable rope, and a 12 LB weight on each handle.

It is ergonomically designed for ease of usage. It is comfortable to grip and use for a long time since the handles are constructed of steel, and the rope is soft silicone. A locking mechanism built into the handle protects the rope from sliding or getting loose.

The Bala Jump Rope has dimensions of 5.9″ x 1.57″ x 1.57″ and a length of 10′. You can choose the ideal hue for your training attire because it comes in three colors: charcoal, pink, and sand. Anyone looking for a productive and efficient cardio home workout may choose the Bala Jump Rope. It is inexpensive, with a cost of $55.

Bala Pilates Ball

This 8″ diameter non-weighted ball is perfect for any at-home exercise program since it can be used for barre, core training, pilates, stability, yoga, rehabilitation, and stretching. The ball will survive many years of usage because it is composed of sturdy, pop-resistant PVC. It is ideal for people wishing to improve their balance since it works with the muscles involved in stability, coordination, and balance.

The ball may be used as a platform for more demanding exercises like planks or push-ups or to raise the difficulty of any balancing exercise, such as balancing on one leg. It may also strengthen the core by combining the ball with workouts like crunches, Russian twists, and flutter kicks. The Bala Pilates Ball is also excellent for people who want to become more flexible. The ball may be used for static stretches, like lunge variations, and dynamic stretches, like hamstring and hip flexor.

The Bala Weights are a fantastic complement to any home gym in general. They offer tremendous exercise, are inexpensive, and are simple to use. These weights are a good option for anybody trying to get a full-body home workout because they have a variety of weights to select from and can be used in various activities.

Bala Weights Review
  • Usability
  • Aesthetics
  • Pricing
  • Design
  • Build Quality
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