Alani Nu Witch’s Brew: Energy Drink Review

Alani Nu Witch’s Brew Energy Drink Review

Alani Nu Witch’s Brew is a Halloween-exclusive energy drink release. It seems to be different and has one of the best flavors available on the market. 

Previously, the stardust flavor was the best among the energy drinks by Alani Nu but the Witch’s Brew seems to be the new favorite. The Witch’s brew is a very unusually amazing combination made by Alani Nu to date. Here are some points to justify why the new Witch’s brew drink is a bang energy drink.

What is Alani Nu?

Alani Nutrition, aka Alani Nu, has been one of the best energy drink makers for many years. If you are a caffeine lover with different flavors added to it, Alani Nu is one of the best drinks you can find in the market. Not only for caffeine lovers but also for many fitness freaks and workout lovers, alan nu has different flavors to suit your taste.

The drink was released on Sep 8 2022 with the limited-edition Alani Nu Witch’s Brew making a comeback, GNC is embracing the new season as fall begins to haunt consumers’ thoughts. Customers can enjoy a classic drink for the Halloween season while still obtaining a balanced energy boost thanks to the popular Caramel Apple taste, which is readily available.

First Sip of Witch’s Brew

Initially, we were very skeptical about the flavor. Witch’s Brew is Caramel Apple flavored which sounded like a weird combination. Even though we were confused about the taste and how it is going to be, we went for the drink. After the first sip, we felt like we were wrong as the drink was tasty and full of caffeine. You will surely feel like an energy bag after drinking the whole can.

It blew our minds as we never expected the caramel and apple flavor to be so good. The taste of tart apple and the aftertaste of caramel made the drink a great drink. The full energy bag drink was very tasty and we couldn’t stop drinking it.

The caffeine-inspired flavored drink was one of the best things we drank this year. We also were very surprised by the way it was packed and the combination of taste and flavors.

Alani Nu Witch’s Brew Ingredients

The item has a total of 200 mg of Caffeine and this dose will certainly help you with your workout and keep you hustling all day. The drink has zero sugar and only 10 calories or so. Also, a dash of biotin is added to help you with your natural glow and gives you bang energy. 

But some consumers are reporting that the biotin has a negative reaction on their skin. Witch’s Brew is amazingly flavourful and packed with all the necessary nutrients you need in an energy drink.

Availability and Pricing

This bang energy drink is available to purchase on their website, ANC and Amazon. It is priced at $29.99 for a dozen and $2.50 per count.

Do we Recommend It?

Definitely. As the Alani Nu Drink is a soft carbonated drink, you will have a smoother and more refreshing experience while drinking it. We feel the drink is very soft and tasty and also qualifies as a safe food. The drink is banned substance tested, so you will not need to worry about eating anything that is not good for your body and health.

The drink is suitable for drinking in all situations. If you are lazy and feeling sleepy the witch’s brew is going to make you full of energy and you will not feel so sleepy. You will also feel refreshed if you drink the drink before and after a hard and intense workout. 

We also highly recommend it if you are going on a long drive. It keeps you alert and does not have any symptoms of excess caffeine. People who like caffeine but don’t want to drink coffee can make this drink a substitute for their caffeine needs with amazing taste and flavor. If you are on the fence, we recommend trying this gluten-free and vegan diet. 

Is Witch’s Brew an Exclusive Drink?

Yes, Alani Nu has launched this drink on the special occasion of Halloween and this drink is different from other flavors. The name itself is Halloween-themed. The Witch’s brew is the best drink to make your Halloween the best Halloween ever.

Does Alani Nu Witch’s Brew Contain Alcohol?

Alani Nu is advertised to be better for your health than the more popular energy drinks. It is very good for sportspersons and fitness freaks. Also, you can use it as a pre and post-gym drink. It has a gram of sugar alcohol, and artificial sugar (sucralose).

Is Witch’s Brew Safe To Drink?

Yes, it is absolutely safe to drink and contains some essential nutrients too. You should not be worried about anything and go for a sip of the new Alana Nu Witch’s brew.

We hope Alani Nu will make us happier and keep surprising us with more drinks with unique and amazing flavors.

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