Are Rice Krispies a Good Pre Workout Snack?

If you have been around the fitness scene for a while, then you know that it is a popular method to have a pre-workout snack. Whether that be a protein shake, protein bar, fruit, or really, just anything to get some carbs in you, it is a great way to get some good energy to fuel your workout.

Obviously, there are some food items that aren’t the best pre-workout snacks though. I think it is probably safe to say that Reeses or a hamburger is probably not your best choice for a pre-workout energy boost. There are however some items that seem to be a bad option but are not and vice versa.

In this article we are going to look into Rice Krispies and whether they are a good pre-workout snack.

Are Rice Krispies Gluten Free

Rice Krispies are not labeled as being Gluten-free. The ingredients that they contain do not specifically list if they contain gluten, so you can consider them as having Gluten.

You can however make homemade gluten-free rice Krispies. A great recipe can be found here.

Are Rice Krispies Vegan

Kellog’s Rice Krispies are not vegan but other brands that sell rice Krispies treats may be vegan.

You can find a recipe for vegan Rice Krispies here

Are Rice Krispies Dairy Free

Kellog’s Rice Krispies are not dairy-free however, there are plenty of recipes out there where you can easily make Rice Krispie treats that have no dairy and are vegan friendly.

Here is a great recipe for Dairy-free Rice Krispies.

Are Rice Krispies Nut Free

Kellog’s Rice Krispies do not contain nuts in the ingredients list, however, they also do not specify if they integrate any sort of nut extract in their Rice Krispies. By pure ingredients, Rice Krispies do not contain nuts.

Are Rice Krispies a Good Pre Workout Snack

Yes, Rice Krispies are a great pre-workout snack. They come in at a decent calorie count at 130 calories per treat and a relatively moderate carb amount, coming in at 26g.

The only thing you need to consider when using Kellog’s Rice Krispies as a pre-workout snack is that you are getting 130 mg of sodium, which is quite high for just one treatment. The calorie and carb intake is something you should be able to burn off during your workout.

I recommend trying Rice Krispies out as a pre-workout but be careful not to take it overboard because these treats could become junk food for you and lose their purpose.

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