Is Red Bull a Good Pre Workout: Pre Workout Guide

In the past 10 or so years and especially more recently, pre-workout drinks have been released left and right. Nearly every year you are seeing the new energy drink of the year with all types of interesting and odd flavors.

Obviously among the most popular workouts are Bang, Reign, Celcius, C4, and many others. How about those energy drinks that are not necessarily geared towards working out though? How about those “old fashion” energy drinks that you would drink when you would grind the old Call of Duties or Halos back in the day.

Energy drinks like Monster, Full Throttle, Noss, Redbull, and others. Do these make good pre-workout drinks?

In this article, we will be looking at the Redbull energy drinks and deciding on whether they are good pre-workout drinks to fuel your gym sessions.

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Is Red Bull Bad for Body Builders?

Not necessarily, as long as the drink fits within your pre-determined goals and dietary budget, they are completely fine to consume. If you are a bodybuilder and you often train hard, you most likely should be more than okay drinking a Red Bull.

There are most definitely more appealing options out there for fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders such as Band or Reign, but Red Bull and other energy drinks offer sugar-free and or low-calorie options.

You should never be scared to enjoy a Red Bull or even something like a Coke or Sprite just as long as you keep track of how that affects your overall calorie intake and you aren’t exceeding your daily carb, sugar, sodium, and calorie intake when consuming that beverage.

Does Red Bull Have a Lot of Caffeine

Red Bull has a decent amount of Caffeine, coming in at 111 mg generally. This is actually a pretty balanced amount, considering other energy drinks like Bang have 300 mg per can. Red Bull is generally pretty safe and does not have an immense amount of caffeine.

Red Bull has an excellent amount of caffeine in all honesty. Some people, myself included, are guilty of drinking two Bangs a day, which is 600 mg of caffeine, that is a lot. For Red Bull enjoyers, that is only 222 mg of caffeine a day, which is also a lot but not nearly as bad.

Yes, too much caffeine is bad, so the lower than the usual amount of caffeine is always welcome and should become more prominent.

Is Red Bull Gluten Free?

Yes, all flavors of Red Bull are Gluten Free. Although it is not “certified gluten-free” you can safely drink your Red Bull and be happy doing it knowing that there is no gluten in it.

Is Red Bull Vegan?

Yes, Red Bull is vegan approved. Red Bull is made up of all non-animal ingredients and is safe to drink for vegetarians.

Is Red Bull Alcohol?

No, Red Bull is not Alcohol and it does not contain any alcohol. Red Bull is a non-alcoholic energy drink.

Is Red Bull a Good Pre Workout?

Red Bull is a suitable pre-workout drink that can fuel your workout sessions. It has 111 mg of caffeine which is plenty for giving you that boost of energy. Red Bull also comes in sugar-free and lower-calorie variations that may be more desirable for your pre-workout.

Bang and Reign are usually more suitable in this case, however, if you enjoy the Red Bull flavor, feel free to drink it before your workout. There is no harm in drinking one and it may give you fewer jitters than other brands.

Workout energy drinks do have a specific taste that is separate from your traditional energy drinks like Monster and Red Bull.

So, yes go drink your Red Bull and whatever other energy drink for your workout as all of which will give you that caffeine to push you through your gym sessions.

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