Is it Bad to Drink 2 or More Bang Drinks a Day?

Bang is an American brand of energy drinks. It is made by Vital Pharmaceuticals, a corporation located in Florida. Bang is ranked #3 highest-selling energy drink in the US, just behind Monster and Red Bull.

Is it Bad to Drink 2 or More Bang Drinks a Day?

It is bad to drink two cans of Bang Energy in a day, as you’re consuming more caffeine than you might be able to tolerate, which can lead to some serious side effects.

BANG energy drinks come in a variety of flavors, but each drinks’ nutritional facts are almost identical. One 16-ounce can of Bang Energy contains:

  • 0 calories
  • 0 grams of fat
  • 0mg of cholesterol
  • 40mg sodium
  • 85mg potassium
  • 0 grams of carbohydrate
  • 0 grams of fiber
  • 0 grams of sugar
  • 0 grams of protein
  • 50% DV of Vitamin C
  • 25% DV of Niacin
  • 25% DV of Vitamin B6
  • 25% DV of Vitamin B12
  • 2% DV of Magnesium

How much is too much caffeine?

A 2017 study from Food and Chemical Toxicology looked at 700 studies to determine what qualifies as “safe” caffeine consumption levels. They found the following amounts can be safe daily caffeine consumption that will not be associated with “overt, adverse cardiovascular effects, behavioral effects, reproductive and developmental effects, acute effects, or bone status”:

  • 400mg for healthy adults
  • 300mg for pregnant women
  • 2.5mg per kg of body weight for children and adolescents

There is no way to calculate exactly how much caffeine your body can handle because it all depends on your age, weight, and how much you normally consume caffeine on a daily level. Consuming a can of Bang Energy drink in a matter of minutes (consuming 300mg of caffeine) can be too much caffeine for your body to handle if you have never drank a Bang Energy drink before.

A warning on BANG cans details that “too much caffeine may cause nervousness, irritability, sleeplessness, and, occasionally, rapid heartbeat.”

Are Bangs Bad for You?

As previously mentioned, there’s a limit when it comes to caffeine consumption, which is 400mg per day for average adults. Bangs can be bad for you, if you are young and never had caffeine before due to your caffeine tolerance is very low.

Of course, “everything in moderation” is the key to responsible consumption, especially when it comes to caffeine. Drinking one Bang every once in a while is not likely to cause major health problems. Or slowly drinking Bang Energy drinks until your tolerance is higher can allow you to drink more than 2 a day and not have any serious health problems.

However, if you start to rely on Bang Energy drinks to wake up or stay away during the day then you will sacrifice getting good sleep each night. Especially if you are drinking Bang Energy 4 hours before bed can cause poor sleep.

How Many Bangs Can I Drink a Day?

Since Bang has 300mg of caffeine per serving and the average daily adult consumption is 400mg of caffeine. It’s safe to assume that the number of Bang Energy you can have daily is just one can (if your tolerance is low).

I personally know someone who drinks 1 gram of caffeine each day (which is 1000mg of caffeine). He is a personal trainer and has been drinking caffeine his whole life so his tolerance is very high.

Drinking more than one can of Bang Energy can have some negative effects, which include:

  • Muscle breakdown
  • Fatigue
  • Rapid heart rate
  • Anxiety
  • Digestive issues
  • Insomnia


While the effects of over-drinking Bang might be different for everyone, I would advise against having two cans anyway, as doing so could you make very sick. However if you build up your tolerance slowly, then you will be able to drink more than 1 Bang Energy drink a day. Building up your tolerance just takes time.

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