Is Creatine Bad for Teens? Everything You Need to Know

If you have been in the fitness scene for the last decade then you probably know what Creatine is. The benefits that this supplement has are undeniably beneficial if you are an avid gym enthusiast. Although some may disagree with the level of effectiveness, it is widely agreed upon that Creatine is beneficial to users without pre-existing medical conditions that would cause complications.

Generally, Creatine, in moderation, is a healthy recommendation for individuals that want either a pre or post-workout supplement; however, Creatine could be harmful to some individuals that have restrictive medical conditions, but is Creatine unhealthy for teens?

In this article, we will have a deep look into the benefits of Creatine and explore the question, Is Creatine Bad for Teens?

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Is Creatine Bad for Teens?

Is Creatine Bad for Teens?

Generally, If regulated correctly, Creatine is not only safe for teens to intake, but it can have many athletic benefits as well.

Creatine itself has been studied and has been around the fitness scene for years and generally is considered to be a safe supplement to take.

Oftentimes, and especially with younger supplement consumers, Creatine can have less than an excellent source. If you take Creatine, no matter the age, you should always do your research and get quality Creatine with a great pure source.

Research from Frontiers of Nutrition shows that Creatine consumption in both short and long-term use periods is safe for teenagers. Although it is noted that the use of Creatine in teen groups is extremely limited, you can take this research into consideration when deciding whether to take Creatine or not.

The study shows that not only does Creatine increase athletic effectiveness in teens, but it also shows signs of cognitive benefits.

There are some studies that have less rigorous testings that show that Creatine is something to be warned about for teens.

Pediatrics has done a study that shows whether Creatine is recommended to teens but lacks any real scientific testing. Although some discourage it, if Creatine is used correctly and comes from a pure source, it has been shown to only have improvements.

Although this article can help guide you towards a decision, all adolescence should consult with their physician before taking creatine as a supplement.

What Is Creatine?

Is Creatine Bad for Teens?

Creatine is a naturally produced protein that the human body produces.

Creatine is generally stored in muscle tissue, specifically, Creatine drives energy and generates this energy to help sustain your muscle load during heavy lifting or high-intensity workouts.

Creatine generates energy that is called Phosphocreatine. This substance that Creatine generates helps keep you going when you are in a workout and as you can probably gather, this is something you would desire to have more of.

What Natural Foods Have Creatine?

Is Creatine Bad for Teens?

If you aren’t a supplement type of individual, you can often find some great natural sources that supply Creatine and can be an alternative to the powder.

Natural sources that contain Creatine:

  • Red Meats (Beed, Steak, etc..)
  • Fish (Salmon and others)
  • Herring
  • Chicken

What Vegan Foods Have Creatine?

Is Creatine Bad for Teens?

Unfortunately, there are no vegan food sources that have Creatine.

Creatine can only be found in animal tissue, hence the origin of Creatine in the muscle tissue.

You can only get Creatine through supplements, fortunately, subtracted Creatine is often a vegan-friendly option.

Creatine supplements are often synthesized from sarcosine and cyanamide and do not contain animal sources.

When Should I Take Creatine?

Is Creatine Bad for Teens?

Creatine can be taken before and after workouts or high-intensity workout sessions.

Pre-workout Creatine benefits:

  • Helps with energy levels during workout
  • Allows for a more focused workout
  • Better muscle contractions during workout

Post-workout Creatine benefits:

  • Better muscle recovery
  • Less chance of a post workout crash
  • Increased energy post workout

Although you can have benefits before and after your workout, it is recommended that you only take Creatine once. You can switch back and forth, or choose one time to take Creatine and allow your body to adapt to that decision.


Creatine is a great tool to use in regulation. It is generally believed and shown to be healthy if used correctly. Always consult with your physician before taking this supplement. You can also avoid the powder and get Creatine from natural sources as we discussed before. Ultimately, use what is healthy and beneficial to you and your fitness journey.

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