SmartGym App Review: Everything You Need to Know

Working out is becoming increasingly important as our work lives become more and more remote and stationary. For a lot of people, working out is their outlet. Some people work out and record on a piece of paper but if you are like me, you prefer an Ipad or your phone.

It’s hard to find an application that is versatile enough to cover your needs for HIIT, home workout routines, gym routine note-taking, and more. Well, SmartGym is an application that may just do all of that and more for you, while being free to download.

If you are curious to know more and want to know more about the SmartGym App, stick around and read up as we dive into this app.

SmartGym Free Version

The SmartGym app has both a free and paid version. The free version has a decent amount of features but definitely has some limitations.

With the free version, you can record your routines and add your exercises to keep track of your workout. It works well as a replacement for paper and it keeps it neatly organized by the day.

You also get some beginner workouts for free, such as a full-body workout, quick sweat, and a few more, but it is extremely limited.

You can also keep track and measure your body weight and details so you can stay on track when recording your fitness journey.

The free version is great for recording but for any of the special features, you’ll need to pay more.

SmartGym Paid Version

The SmartGym app’s paid version is a great value and offers not only some really extensive workout guides but also personalized features that are rare to come by.

If the free version doesn’t seem like it’s enough for you, I would recommend looking into the paid version, if it’s in your price range.

There are two types of premium plans:

User Premium Plan

The user premium plan is $119.88 or more frequently is $59.99 a year. Oftentimes it isn’t the more expensive price because they keep it half off.

It allows you access to the training videos that are catered to what equipment or lack of equipment you have available to you.

It also gives you over 620 exercise guides with instructions on how to do the exercises, as well as allows you to make unlimited routines, histories, and measurements.

This option would be enough for most people but if you want more then you may want to consider looking into the top tier option.

Trainer Premium Plan

The trainer plan is geared towards trainers. This unlocks anything and everything and even more.

You can manage your students and or clients depending on your selection and each of those clients gets their own categorized and personalized premium account.

In all honesty, you could split the price of this account with 10 other people and everyone gets a premium account, although you didn’t hear it from me.

All of the client accounts are synced up through a cloud service so everything is kept track of and keeps everyone accountable.

This option is best for groups and or professionals, of course.

How To Use SmartGym App

In order to use the SmartGym App, you will need to install it onto your mac and IOS device. You can install and find it here

Once you start the app, you will be met with some information that the app will prompt for you to input into. You do not need to do this.

You can leave that screen and start using the app straight away without upgrading.

From there you can use and create your routines and log in your measurement and weight to start your tracking.

Is The SmartGym App Worth It?

In short, absolutely. The app offers an almost endless amount of routines and workout types, as well as an extensive personalized workout routine based on your information.

Now, there is a free and paid version, as is expected with most fitness apps.

The free version allows you to see some of the workout guides, although most are locked, and your main ability here and pull for users is to make your own routines and notes. This allows you to hit the gym with your app and record and add your routines.

The paid version allows you full access to the workout guides, as well as a personalized routine for how much you work out, your age, and other details.

Both are definitely worth the download and whether you use it for the free features or the paid features, from us, SmartGym is definitely worth it.


The SmartGym app is a great app for routine and weight tracking. If you need something free for those purposes, I highly recommend it. If you need more, things like exercises and routine planning on a more extensive level, I would suggest you invest money into the premium version or look elsewhere. Overall it is a great app for both free and paid features and I recommend at least checking the app out and giving it a try.

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