Does Oversleeping Make You Gain Weight?

Sleeping is an amazing way to energize after a long hard day of working out, working all day long at your job, or simply running errands for a friend. Sleeping in the American culture is quite flawed since a lot of adults are getting less and less sleep due to late-night work, social activities, or finishing projects late at night.

Sleeping is quite vital for your health, but what if you have too much sleep? In this article, I will be explaining whether oversleeping can cause weight gain and cause other problems or if it is just a myth that people created.

Few more minutes…

Oversleeping, seems to be harmless when you look at it; who would not want a few extra hours of sleep to relax and start your day later, at the end of the day, what can a few hours of extra sleep do? But according to Psychology Today,

“The truth is, sleeping too much has negative effects on health and well-being—and may also contribute to weight problems. Research suggests there’s a link between too much sleep and weight gain. As with too little sleep, there is a greater risk of obesity among people who sleep too much.”

Oversleeping has many risks like increased weight gain, body pain, and increased risks for heart disease and stroke. These factors make it detrimental for oversleepers and ironically cause your body to become less healthy and you will be prone to more mental diseases like depression, anxiety, and memory problems.

A Quick Nap Shouldn’t Hurt

For an oversleeper, it does not seem like a big deal to get in a few extra minutes, but a test conducted by the Quebec Family Study shows how sleep is connected to weight gain and how less or more sleep can affect weight gain. According to NCBI,

“This study provides evidence that both short and long sleeping times predict an increased risk of future body weight and fat gain in adults. Hence, these results emphasize the need to add sleep duration to the panel of determinants that contribute to weight gain and obesity.”

We have shown you the side effects of sleeping in, but now I have shown you how there is a correlation between weight gain and oversleeping. Surprisingly enough, not getting enough sleep will eventually also result in the same effects and weight gain.


To end off this article, oversleeping is very bad for your health. Not only do you gain weight and several diseases from sleeping in too much, but you also lose a lot of your day due to oversleeping and you are ironically spending more energy trying to go back to sleep and staying in bed rather than being productive.

The average sleep for an adult should be around 7-9 hours a day, but there is a very concerning pattern of people not getting their recommended amount of sleep. If people continue to get less and less sleep, we will eventually be prone to more diseases and gain more weight.

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