Will The Covid Vaccine Make You Gain Weight?

The answer to this pandemic is here, the great COVID-19 vaccine is finally here! But, will this new vaccine cause any weight problems? Will this vaccine make you gain more or less weight? Is this vaccine going to be more of an issue than an actual solution? In this article, I will be discussing how the COVID-19 vaccine can either be a detriment to your health or simply a harmless vaccine.

The vaccine’s effectiveness…

Rajat Madan, an infectious diseases specialist and assistant professor of Internal Medicine in the Department of Internal Medicine, is currently researching if the COVID-19 vaccine will have a huge negative impact on the obese population who will be getting the vaccine. According to UC Health,

“Typically, obese individuals have a poor response to the flu vaccine. However, at this time, we do not know if the effectiveness of a COVID-19 vaccine will be different in obese individuals or not. This is because some of the vaccines that are currently being developed for COVID-19 use a new technology – “mRNA” vaccines – and therefore, the responses could be different.”

If the flu vaccine is already poorly received or ineffective for our overweight population, then how will they respond to the COVID-19 vaccine? The vaccine works very well on underweight and averaged weight people, even though there are claims that this may be ineffective towards obese people, it is still better to vaccinate than to be unvaccinated.

Does the vaccine make you gain weight?

The real question of this article, will the vaccine make you gain weight? Currently, there are more cases of the vaccine not working due to being obese. If you are suffering from obesity, it is still best to get vaccinated because it will help reduce Covid cases. According to medRxiv,

“In the UK, those who were obese – with a body mass index (BMI) of more than 30 – had a 33% greater risk of dying than those who were not obese. A separate study of NHS electronic health records found a doubling of the risk of dying from Covid-19 among people who were obese. If other health conditions linked to obesity such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes were also taken into account the risk would be even higher, the researchers said.

In my personal opinion, I believe this vaccine does not make you gain weight since there is so little evidence and research put into it. But the majority of health professionals do agree that vaccines do not affect weight gain in any way.


To end off my article, the COVID-19 vaccine is a necessary vaccine for everyone to have. It is important in this age to be fully vaccinated to prevent easily preventable diseases. But overall, the vaccine does not cause any weight gain, but the vaccine is not as effective for overweight people.

Even though this article has been more theories and speculation, I hope you, as the reader, can still enjoy a nice quick theory made by yours truly. Be safe my fellow Muscle Evolved reader.

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