Alani Nu Vs Bang: Energy Drink Comparison

Alani Nu vs Bang Energy

It seems in the past decade, we have seen a shift in what people want in energy drinks. It used to be that you would only really get an energy drink if you were a gamer who wanted the good old fashion green monster or red bull.

Well, now people want energy drinks with 0 calories, 0 carbs, and massive amounts of caffeine. Energy drinks have not only been utilized for gaming anymore but are now a huge component in people’s strength training and gym sessions.

Bang and Reign have owned the healthy caffeine-packed energy drink scene for the past few years, and we have even made a list of the best Bang Flavors out there, however, we are now seeing a new energy drink brand come into stores that seem to be doing extremely well and taste incredible – Alani.

In this article, we will be pitting the king of zero-calorie energy drinks, Bang, versus the new kid on the block, Alani.

Is Alani Nu Good?

Alani Nu energy drinks are extremely flavorful and delicious with an impressive variety of not only base flavors, but interesting and unique flavors that had never been introduced in the market before. They excel at making both exotic and traditional flavors interesting and good.

Of course, everyone’s taste buds are different and some might not like the taste of Alani Nu, but the energy drinks have gotten thousands of great reviews from a wide sample of buyers.

Not only that, but we found that Alani Nu energy drinks are less abrasive and intense than some other energy drink brands. They are like drinking some soft soda or juice as opposed to something like a red bull with that intense energy drinks flavor.

Is Bang Good?

Bang is king to many energy drink consumers when it comes to flavor selection and execution. The fan base is large, possibly too large to beat, and for good reason. Bang energy has nailed it when it comes to flavor execution and taste with nearly all of their flavors.

Bang does cater to more adapted consumers that are used to highly carbonated and more intense flavors. If you are new to energy drinks, these maybe a little too potent, however, when tried for the first time, you could enjoy the flavor right off the bat.

The Bang brand is established with its taste and not many other brands come close. Just ask anyone who has tried them or consume them and the general reception is that Bang rarely misses when it comes to their flavor options.

Alani Nu Vs Bang: Flavor Selection

Alani Nu and Bang both offer a variety of flavors, however, there are differences in both how many options and the exotic nature of those flavors.

Alani Nu Flavor Selection

Alani Nu energy drinks come with 14+ flavors that range from Breezeberry to Fruit Blast and Witch’s Brew. Their flavors are unique and they have a lot more fun with their naming. If you like trying fun and unusual flavors while still having the confidence of drinking a great-tasting drink, Alani Nu is your go-to drink.

Bang Flavor Selection

Bang comes with 17+ flavors ranging from Blue Razz to Champagne. The flavors that bang has to offer are a little more straight forward but for the most part, they are great! There are some flavors that don’t quite hit the mark and we can’t confidently say that no matter the Bang drink you get you will like it. Some of the fan favorites are Sourheads, Blue Razz, and Cherry Lemonade.

Alani Nu Vs Bang: Keto and Vegan Friendly

Alani Nu and Bang are both Keto friendly and extremely macro smart. Alani Nu is fully vegan friendly but Bang is not completely vegan because of the BCAAs that are included. If you can look past that small supplement that is added to Bang drinks, it is Vegan friendly for the most part.

Alani Nu Vs Bang: Pre-Workout Safety

Both Alani Nu and Bang energy drinks are safe to use as a pre-workout and are designed for pre-workout use. You should avoid taking these if you have a caffeine sensitivity and cannot handle 200-300mg of caffeine in one sitting. The Bang is a bit more serious with more supplements and caffeine but the Alani Nu is not that far off with 200mg of caffeine.

Alani Nu Vs Bang: How Healthy Are They for You

Energy drinks usually are not considered either healthy or unhealthy for you but both Bang and Alani Nu come with various vitamins and supplements. Bang comes with creatine and other supplements that help with vascular health and mental focus and the Alani Nu drinks come with various vitamins and helpful supplements.

Alani Nu Vs Bang: Conclusion

Both Alani Nu and Bang are great-tasting and effective energy drinks. The Bang drinks are better for more serious energy heads that want more caffeine and supplements involved. The Alani Nu is an up-and-comer but they have very tasty and effective drinks. If you aren’t consuming energy drinks all the time, Alani Nu may be a better starter entry drink.

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