What Are The Best Bang Flavors: Top 10 Best Bang Flavors

Recently Bang Energy has been taking the win over the energy drink franchise. Sponsoring many famous YouTubers and Fitness Social Media influencers. Bang Energy drinks are the only energy drinks’ that I drink for pre-workout or just when I need a ‘pick me up’.

1. Sour Heads

Sour Heads is by far my favorite Bang to have ever been created. Now, this is probably because it was the first one I ever had. I have been drinking Bang ever since they came out and there were only like 3 or 4 flavors and at the time this was the best one.

This tastes so much so like Sour Patch Kids, with a sweetness and tartness taste to it. This ultimately hit that mark very well and you can never go wrong with a Sour Heads right before an intense gym workout.

The first sip you take with Sour Heads and it’s almost like smelling salts. You taste that bittersweet and it wakes you up to get the sick pump at the gym or that win in Warzone. It is very much similar to a green apple flavor with just more sourness to it.

2. Peach Mango

Peach Mango goes hand in hand with Sour Heads as this was also one of the only other flavors I likes when Bang was just starting to get popular. What is not to love, you have peach and mango. They are such a good combination, that it’s almost perfect.

The peach flavor is great and tastes a lot like honest-to-goodness peach juice. While the mango flavor isn’t nearly as bold as the peach flavor, this makes the drink feel more like a peachy drink than a mango drink, which would not be as good.

3. Cherry Blade Lemonade

Cherry Blade Lemonade is one of the first newer flavors to come out that I actually enjoyed. It’s so spectacular that it could actually become the only energy drink you ever purchase from here on out.

Cherry Blade Lemonade is very similar to Sonic Drive-In’s legendary Cherry Limeade. If you have ever been to Sonic, it’s the BOMB. Cherry Blade Lemonade also has a sharp bite of lemon that will keep you on your toes and keep you wanting more.

Having the sweet cherry flavor and the sour lemon flavor, Bang stumbled upon an all-time classic. Acquire a can of Cherry Blade Lemonade and get ready for a mind-blowing experience.

4. Blue Razz

Blue Razz is kind of self-explanatory by being blue raspberry flavoring. What I find interesting is that ICEE was the first to invent the Blue Raspberry flavoring in their ICEE. However, Bang’s Blue Razz tastes so much better than ICEE’s Blue Raspberry slushy.

Of course, like most of the Bang Energy drinks, this tastes the best when drunk cold and not lukewarm.

5. Radical Skadattle

Radical Skadattle sounds like a Skittled flavored drink. It is a Skittle flavored drink (duh, just by the name). And while the can itself looks fun and exciting, the flavor will not be a shock to make you go “oh wow, this is amazing”.

You basically get all of the flavors under the rainbow. And like those commercials always say, “taste the rainbow”. You will literally be drinking the rainbow.

6. Candy Apple Crisp

Remember how I said that Sour Heads is like a sweet green apple flavor? Well, this is almost like that, but without the bitter taste. Candy Apple Crisp has more of a caramelly and apple flavor vs. Sour Heads has more of a Sour Patch Kids flavor.

It almost reminds me of the fall time and going to carnivals and getting a caramel covered green apple on a white plastic stick, then eating half of it and throwing the rest away because it was too much and I was getting full from all of the cotton candy I just ate before and now the rides are making me feel sick…

7. Wyldin’ Watermelon

With the name Wyldin’ Watermelon, you can kind of come to the conclusion that this Bang will taste like watermelon… well you are wrong. Just kidding, it’s exactly how it sounds. And you might be thinking that a watermelon flavor Bang sounds kind of gross. Do not be fooled like I was this.

This Bang is actually really good and smells like watermelon Jolly Ranchers, but it tastes more like red Starbursts with some extra sweetness. You will only really notice the watermelon flavor in the aftertaste.

8. Nectarine Blueberry

When this first came out Vitamin Shop was doing a promotion to get this Bang Energy drink selling. It was going to buy 1 case and get 2 cases free. I jumped on that deal and did not care what flavor it was or the reviews. Of course, afterward, I looked at the reviews and they were generally good reviews for a product that just came out, saying that it tastes how you would expect it to.

The next week I got my 3 cases of Nectarine Blueberry Bang. I opened a can up and tasted it. It literally just tasted more so like blueberry with a hint of nectarine which was not overpowering and a perfect combination.

The aftertaste was something I was not expecting. It left a medicine-like aftertaste in my mouth the first time I tried it. However, after the first couple of cans, it started to grow on me and the aftertaste was not that bad. I then started to have a liking for Nectarine Blueberry. It is not one of my Top 5 but definitely in my Top 10.

9. Sweet Ice Tea

Sweet Ice Tea is definitely one of the best energy Ice Tea that I have had. I tried G-Fuel’s Peach Ice Tea before and it was horrible. However, Bang Energy’s line of Sweet Ice Tea which includes a Lemon Drop version, Georgia Peach, and this standard Sweet Ice Tea flavor is the bomb.

Like all other Bang Energy flavors, Sweet Ice Tea doesn’t have any sugar in it, which makes this particular flavor especially impressive. If you’re looking to limit your sugar intake, substituting this energy drink in place of sugar-filled sweet tea would be a step in the right direction.

10. Star Blast

Star Blast is an American Red, White, and Blue advertised drink. Of course with blue raspberry being the blue. Cherry being the red. And lemon as the white(ish). No fruits are really white, so they went with the closed thing. Lemons are the counterbalance to the blue raspberry and cherry flavors to make this an exceptional flavored drink.

Most people will really like this trio of flavors. However, some individuals may think that the lemon flavor is actually too sour. If you’re sensitive to sour drinks, picking Star Blast would be a risky proposition. Otherwise, we recommend you give this fruity flavor a try.

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