Is it Bad to Run in The Cold?

Whether you want to lose weight or stay in shape. The wintertimes are the hardest to run in. Whether it be too cold outside or too much snow/ice on the ground, making it nearly impossible to run without slipping and falling.

As wintertime is around the corner, you best prepare for the worst to come. Some negatives to running in the cold weather are:

  • Bad for your lungs
  • Black ice
  • Risk of sickness
  • Chance of getting hit

Bad for your Lungs

When you run outside in low temperatures, you breathe in cold air, which can be dangerous for your lungs.

According to Dr. Darrell Menard, “While inhaling cold air won’t damage your lungs, it can irritate your airways and cause what is referred to as bronchospasm. When this happens you can experience a burning sensation in your airways, shortness of breath, chest tightness, and cough”.

Breathing in cold air can cause respiratory infections such as bronchial. The cold can also increase the risk of developing blood clots, which could lead to a heart attack or stroke.

In conclusion, cold air is bad for your lungs because it’s typically very dry, which can lead to coughing, shortness of breath, and more. If you have asthma, COPD, or bronchitis, these weather conditions can make your symptoms even worse. Please talk to a doctor if you have these symptoms to make sure you are able to still run out in the cold.

Black Ice

Another thing you have to worry about when you run in cold weather is black ice. Black ice is transparent ice on the roadways or asphalt on the running trails that are very hard to see. It can cause you to slip and fall and possibly injury yourself.

Cement is where black ice is most likely to form. Black ice is hard to see as you drive and the same thing applies when you’re running outside, and combined with running outside during the nighttime can be even worse. If you run outside during the cold and snowy weather, you run the risk of slipping on black ice and getting a serious injury.

Risk of Sickness

When temperatures get really cold, there is a chance of getting sick the longer you stay outside. You might get hypothermia or frostbite if you are outside for too long. Due to the unpredictability of winter weather, it may ruin your plans to go running. You also don’t want to risk getting sick around the holidays.

Running in the cold or in the rain won’t actually give you a cold. The only way you can catch a cold is by being exposed to the virus. But, the cold can indirectly cause you to get sick“. According to Asics.

If the cold is already in your system, the cold and wet might allow it to develop into an illness when your body would otherwise have fought it off.

Chance of Getting Hit

When you run outside in the cold, there is a greater chance you’ll get in an accident. This is especially true for those who run on the street. Regardless of the weather, it’s never safe to run on a busy road.

Come winter your chances of getting into an accident increase, with ice on the road a car can easily slide and hit you. Also, the fact that snow builds up on the shoulder makes you have to run closer to the road.

Your best bet for maintaining your figure when the weather becomes miserable is to invest in a treadmill. This way, you can keep up with your fitness goals and not worry about the weather preventing you from accomplishing them.

Some Helpful Tips For Running With A Cold

  • Lower the intensity of your run
  • Stop your interval training
  • Cut the distance of your run
  • Turn off any GPS tracking devices so you’re not tempted to push yourself too hard
  • Run by yourself, as you don’t have people pushing you past your limits
  • Stay clear of races
  • Don’t forget to dress for the weather
  • Stay warm with winter running gear

These are just helpful tips to be safe when running in the cold/snowy winter weather.

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