Should you Eat Before or After the Gym?

I have had this same question in my mind. Should you be eating before the gym or go on a empty stomach and reward yourself after the gym?

Well today I will be given you the best information on what is the best thing for your body and health. However you still can do whatever you would like and I am not telling you what you should and should not do.

According to WebMD, it is best to have a snack or meal about 1-3 hours before a workout so you do not feel full and to tired to have a good workout.

However after your workout your body is ready to refuel and rebuild your muscles.

If you are planning on eating before your workout then drink a protein shake after your workout to replenish your muscles.

Working Out on an Empty Stomach

Working out on a empty stomach might seem like a good idea because your body will use your body fat as energy. However, you should go light and not workout super hard because you might just pass out from not having any energy and having low stamina.

If you are planning on working out hard then I suggest eating a small snack or drink a protein shake since that will break down and digest a lot quicker than a big meal before your workout.

Eating Before the Gym

If you do decide to eat a meal before your workout then make it a couple hours and not right before.

Doing this will ensure your body digests the foods and you will have enough energy to hit the gym really hard and use that energy wisely.

According to CNN, eating before a workout boosts blood sugars, giving the body fuel to increase the intensity and length of a workout. It also keeps you from being fatigued or dizzy.

However, if you are wanting to burn more fat then I would workout on an empty stomach.

What to Eat After Workout to Lose Weight

  • Grilled chicken with vegetables
  • Egg omelet with avocado spread on toast
  • Salmon with sweet potato
  • Tuna salad sandwich on whole-grain bread
  • Tuna and crackers
  • Oatmeal, whey protein, banana, and almonds
  • Fruit and or Vegetables

What to Eat Before a Workout

  • Fruit smoothies
  • Yogurt parfaits with granola and fruit
  • Bananas (or any other fruit)
  • Plain Oats
  • Chicken with rice and vegetables
  • Apples with peanut butter
  • Greek yogurt
  • Raisins


It all depends on what your goals are. If you want to lose weight then I suggest to workout on an empty stomach and if you are feeling slow and tired then a snack or protein shake to hold you over until after your workout. If you want to gain muscle and you are already-fit then I would eat a meal 1-3 hours before your workout and then 30 minutes after drink a protein shake. If you are going to work out on an empty stomach then just make sure you do not tell yourself it is ok to eat fast food or unhealthy food afterward because you worked hard because you will just binge and probably over-consume on calories which will make your workout pointless. Whichever you decide to do just remember to make good choices on eating healthy food.

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