Reign Energy Drink Review: Are They As Good as Bang?

Reign Drink Review

Reign Energy Drinks have been getting a lot of hype lately. But are they really as good as bang Energy Drinks? We decided to put them to the test and see for ourselves.

Who Makes Reign?

Monster Beverage Corp. made a launch announcement for Reign, a brand-new energy drink, in 2019. Six zero-calorie alternatives featuring aromas like Sour Apple, Carnival Candy, Peach Fizz, and Razzle Berry were scheduled to make their premiere in March. As of 2022, a 12-can pack will cost you $19.

Monster claims that Reign, which is marketed as a whole-body fuel, targets two markets: pre or post-workout performance beverages and energy drinks. Reign has extended chain Coenzyme Q10 and amino acids, which are prevalent in beverages with a productivity focus, along with a significant amount of caffeine. Reign is the first energy beverage from Monster to target the post-workout performance market.

How much Caffeine is in Reign?

In per 16 fl oz can of Reign you will find 300mg of caffeine, this organic caffeine comes from tea leaves and green beans of coffee. Both Reign and Bang drinks are the ones with the highest concentration of caffeine with a whopping 300 gm of caffeine, making them the strongest sports drinks available.

Since it has been shown to improve athletic performance, the extreme amount of caffeine is definitely a plus point for the energy drink. The FDA advises against consuming more than 400mg of caffeine in a day since doing so might translate into an overdose.

The cans state that Reign and Bang both contain 300 mg of caffeine, but in distinct forms: Bang contains 300 mg of anhydrous caffeine, while Reign has 300 mg of normal caffeine. Caffeine, in general, is quite self-explanatory. Coffee, as well as other sports drinks, have ingredients that assist you in staying awake and increase your alertness while they’re in your system.

Anhydrous caffeine is distinct from ordinary caffeine in that it comprises water and additional chemical constituents that are screened out in a lab procedure. Research hasn’t discovered a substantial distinction between the two forms of caffeine in regards to improving athletic performance, despite the fact that anhydrous caffeine is known to be significantly condensed than ordinary caffeine.

In any event, at 300 mg of caffeine each, Reign and Bang are some of the strongest caffeinated drinks on the market and contain almost twice as much caffeine as a typical energy drink.

Do they taste good?

Reign’s flavor fluctuates from can to can, varying from excessively sugary candy to a rather acidic lemon taste, as it comes in a range of tastes and does not have an authentic flavor. As always, choose the taste that appeals to you the most. Carnival candy isn’t something we personally would choose, but it can be precisely what you need to get rolling.

Is Reign Energy a Good Pre-workout drink?

Reign is an energy drink that will help you get through all those repetitions at the gym, thanks to its high caffeine content and low-calorie content. Reign Energy Drink will increase your energy, attention, and response speed because it contains a lot of caffeine and a fantastic selection of vitamins. Moreover, the caffeine in them will help you work out and lose weight. You can get going each day with only one can of Reign.

The number of calories in a typical 16 fl. oz. can of Reign ranges from 0 to 10, slightly changing depending on the flavor you choose. Considering Reign’s low-calorie content, you’ll have much more freedom to incorporate it into your everyday activities and meals because it won’t significantly alter your diet.

As a result, avoid hitting the gym merely by consuming a can of Reign. Remember that while energy drinks are fantastic as a pick-me-up, nothing beats a real meal to provide you with long-lasting energy.

Reign does function rather effectively as an energy drink, both for attention and holding oneself awake in addition to general exertion, considering its relatively strong caffeine level. Reign may be effective, but it depends mostly on whether you have the tolerance to handle its ridiculously high caffeine concentration. This is because all energy drinks eventually come back to caffeine.

If you are sensitive to caffeine, you probably don’t want to begin your morning by opening a can of Reign since you’ll probably have a headache rather than an energy boost. However, Reign may undoubtedly assist you in boosting your general workout performance if you’re up for it, with its BCAA and nutrient profile supporting these benefits.

So, to answer the question, Reign Energy Drink is as good as Bang, and even better in some aspects.

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