Is Bala Bangles Worth It? – Everything You Need To Know

With many people wanting more and more convenient ways of getting their exercise in, many have flocked to items for home workouts, or even adding weight to their everyday tasks.

Adding additional weight to your walking or running has been around for centuries and is not anything new or revolutionary, but the way that it is accomplished or viewed has been changing quite a bit in the past few years.

gone are the days of having bulky and dull-looking sacks tied around your ankles and wrists. With many companies pushing towards a more stylish way of getting your exercise in, Bala Bangles is among the most popular of these.

What is Bala Bangles and is it really worth your money?

What is Bala Bangles

Is Bala Bangles Worth It?

Founded by an idea in 2018, Bala Bangles grew to be a prominent fitness product development company with a heavy focus on fashion as well. Mending the worlds of fashion and fitness together.

As mentioned before, 2018 was the year that the two owners of Bala Bangles, Natalie and Max, thought up their idea for their company.

The Bala Bangles company was featured on Shark Tank back in early 2020 and was funded over $900,000 by Mark Cuban and Maria Sharapova.

The investments from the Sharks Tank hosts, as well as the immense exposure from the popular television show itself, have boosted the company to an all-new height and have brought them to the forefront of the wearable fitness industry.

What Does Bala Bangles Sell?

Is Bala Bangles Worth It?

Bala Bangles sells a variety of wearable weight accessories, as well as recovery gear and weight training equipment. Most of their products are in the lower weight category and not suited for serious gym enthusiasts.

Some of their most popular products consist of:

  • Bala Bangles (Wrist and ankle weights)
  • Play Mat (Excercise mat)
  • Power Ring (Weighted Ring)
  • Bala Balance Blocks (Foam Blocks)

They also feature more items but those seem to be the most prominent from their collection. All Bala Bangles products have a series of color palette options that you can choose from. No aggressive colors but rather calm and refreshing options.

Is Bala Bangles Worth It?

Bala Bangles is a premium light fitness product developer, meaning, you are paying 2-5x the amount that you would normally pay for the same products. In short, no. The price for their products is extremely high and not worth the extra cash.

Although the concept is interesting, for the majority of people it just will not make sense.

Consider this, Their 2 Lb ankle weights are $65, yet you can get the same poundage ankle weights for $15 or less on Amazon!

Not only that, but it seems a bit worrying that some of their products seem to have a “wow” factor to them. Meaning, their concept seems to be legitimate, yet, there isn’t anything really proving that their “unique products” actually work.

A weight ring, for instance, is interesting in concept, but why can I not just use a 45-pound plate in its place and spend a 3rd of the price.

Now, for some, the calm and unique color palette and style of these products is enough to pay the price, but for the majority of people, their main goal is to lose weight or stay fit, not to have a pretty color or try to look pretty doing it, because we all know that working out is NOT pretty.

The idea is interesting and I believe that in the future, weights and equipment can and will look more appealing, but for now, practicality and effectiveness are key in this industry.


Bala Bangles is still a very innovative company. To many, they like their products and there is a sense of personality to the products that they have. Many people spend extra just to have their items look a specific way.

Although on the other hand, why pay 3x the price for something that has a slight color change and a logo on it. I suppose we are all guilty of this considering we love Nike and other brands, but with fitness, the use of the item is most important.

Bala Bangles has a way to go and their main focus should be to cut prices and move to a more broad consumer base. They need to bring their unique perspective and product design to the mass market without costing you an insane amount of mone

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