Best Calorie Counting Apps

If you are reading this you are probably looking to lose weight. If so you are in luck because one of the greatest ways to lose extra weight is through counting calories. A calorie is a measurement of food. And we all consume them on a daily basis.

Calorie Counters help you get into a caloric deficit so that your body can burn fat. this article is going to go over some of the more popular calorie trackers that you can download on your phone to assist you on your weight loss journey.

My Plate

After you download the app, similar to most calorie trackers you take a test and answer a few questions so that they can select a good calorie plan for you. The first thing that I noticed about the layout is that it is very easily navigated. As soon as I opened the app it was very easy to figure everything out. It has a very modern-looking layout which is very easy for new users.

One feature that I enjoyed was that they had a few free workouts that you can use just simple ten-minute calorie burners and other simple workouts, but someone who doesn’t have a lot of time to workout can really benefit from that. A negative is that I couldn’t find a feature to link the activity from a fitness watch to the app.

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Nutracheck Calorie Counter+

This application seemed extremely organized. Upon first glance when logging in it looked like a chart and it seemed overwhelming because it looked very complex to use. But after further use, it became fairly easy to navigate and use. I really ended up appreciating the organization of the meals and sections where you track after using it.

On the application you can link with activity tracking apps, you can also link it with your fitness watch to track your physical activity. Which will help you can keep track of exercise much easier. I was impressed with the exercise input section because it had many exercises already preset into the system which made it simple to track calories burned.

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Lose It!

The “Lose It!” app is very similar to most of the apps on this list. The layout is very simple, and it makes it as easy and efficient as possible to track calories and lose weight.

One feature that this app featured that was interesting was that you can upload your results from “AncestryDNA” or “23andME” to give you guidance on how to reach your goals with the genes that you have. I’m not completely sure how efficient the guidance is but it seems like an interesting thing to try if you have ever taken DNA tests.

The one downside of this application is that you cant use the liquid intake tracker unless you have a paid membership for the app. Which is an inconvenience that can be annoying for people who are looking to get serious about what they consume.

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MyFitnessPal” is an app that was developed by Under Armour. It is a great application because it has the most resources. The app provides all of your calorie counting needs. “MyFitnessPal” Also has many great blogs that can give you tips and inspiration on how to lose more weight.

Another great resource on the app is the premium membership which will grant you access to many different exercise routines to help you reach your goal to look better and feel healthier.

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All of these apps are great for use and also are extremely positively reviewed on both platforms. But I personally believe that the average person would get the most benefit from the “MyFitnessPal” app.

The app works just as well as the other apps on this list. And with the premium membership that it provides, you could not go wrong with getting access to all of those routines to aid you in crushing your goals.

The other apps are also really amazing and do everything that you would need them for. But In conclusion, “MyFitnessPal” surpasses them all in my opinion.

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