Best Budget Gym Headphones and Earbuds: Ultimate List

Best Budget Gym Headphones and Earbuds


Getting the best budget gym headphones and earbuds is not always a straightforward process. You need to find affordable options without compromising the quality.

What’s the point of buying cheap headphones only for them to break after a few days/weeks?

At the same time, investing hundreds of dollars to get a pair of earbuds that functions identically to other pairs is not sensible.

In this article, we will share with you our collection of the best budget gym headphones and earbuds.

Best budget gym headphones and earbuds

JLab Go Air Pop $27.95

Best Budget Gym Headphones and Earbuds

The JLAB Go Air Pop is perhaps the ideal brand for our list. These earbuds cost around 20 bucks and provide strong audio with a steady battery. They are also resistant to water and sweat.

On average, the battery lasts for around 8 hours of listening time, which is quite impressive. Finally, this pair comes with a charging case that has an integrated USB cable.

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Plantronics BackBeat Fit 3100 $43.99

Best Budget Gym Headphones and Earbuds

Another wireless pair is the BackBeat Fit 3100, which was reinforced with IP57 certification. This means they’re strong enough to withstand water blasts.

These earbuds are comfortable and stable when locked to your ears. One interesting option is the Always Aware ear, which serves to open the soundstage, allowing you to hear your surroundings. For outdoor training, this is really important.

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Anker Soundcore Spirit Pro $62.80

Best Budget Gym Headphones and Earbuds

The Anker Soundcore Spirit Pro is one of the best budget gym earbuds. This pair delivers solid audio and isolates noises. The battery life is around 10 hours of listening time. The device is also protected from sweat and water thanks to its IP68 rating.

Another highlight of these earbuds is their on-ear stability, which creates a tight, secure seal that keeps them on your ears.

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Skullcandy Dime $25.99

Best Budget Gym Headphones and Earbuds

Many people may consider Skullcandy Dime to be a budget-friendly option for the average joe. However, their IPX4 water resistance rating and sturdy design make them optimal for intense workouts.

The buds are covered in a solid plastic casing to make sure they don’t break easily.

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Koss FitClips KSC32i $18.69

Best Budget Gym Headphones and Earbuds

Koss’ FitClips are sweat-resistant wired headphones that offer great sound, comfort, and a cheap price. Despite the whole idea that FitClips are designed for women by women, this pair works perfectly for anyone.

They come with flexible hooks that fit over any ear. This is useful for people who wear glasses when they work out.

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Takeaway message

Following our guide to the best budget gym headphones or earbuds will allow you to make informed choices and protect you from scams. Our last tip is not to forget about reading reviews of other buyers. This gives you insight into every single device out there.

Hopefully, this article will help you get the best deal available without being too much on your pocket.

If you have any questions about our list of the best budget gym headphones or earbuds, make sure to leave them in the comment section below.

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