Are Kizik Shoes Machine Washable?

Have you ever tried to slip on your running shoes without pinching your finger and then the heel of your shoe starts breaking? Well, look no further because today we will review Kizik shoes which claim to be hands-free running shoes.


  • Patented HandsFree Labs® shoe entry technology
  • Breathable, removable, and washable contoured insoles
  • Ridiculously comfortable Rabbit Foam™ outsoles for stand on your feet all-day comfort.
  • Solid rubber outsole wear pads for enhanced traction
  • Adjustable lacing for the perfect fit every time for any size
  • Available in sizes 4.5 – 15 and EE width

What are Kizik Shoes?

The Kizik Athens has a clean and straightforward design. The mesh upper is breathable and keeps your feet cool. The insoles are washable so that you can throw them in the washing machine, unlike other insoles that get ruined if you machine wash them.

The outsole is made of something called Rabbit Foam and seems to be solid yet supportive. The “Rubber Traction Pods” on the bottom are nice looking, and their design doesn’t leave room for rocks to get caught on the bottom of your shoes when running.

The laces are adjustable, so they are not just there for show; you can tighten the shoe up a bit more if you like. The back lattice-shaped rubber material is part of the “HandsFree Labs Technology” that allows you to slip these on without bending over or struggling with them.

The insole and the soles are sturdy and supportive and give a nice cushy stride. The ankle support is good; it could be better, but it’s not horrible, and this is subjective and based on how your feet and ankles are built.

Is Kizik Shoes Expensive?

Priced at $119, the Kizik Athens isn’t cheap. However, I think they are worth every penny, and they give you great value and comfort that other running shoes at this price do not give.

Are Kizik Shoes Machine Washable?

The shoes are not machine washable like most running shoes. But you can machine wash the insoles. You can clean these shoes with a damp cloth, light soap, and water.


I think the Kizik Shoes are amazing, in that they provide you with something other shoes do not have. They are well designed and comfortable, and they allow you to slip them on and not worry about ruining the back heals.

They are a bit pricey, but most good shoes are nowadays because of the brand. However, these shoes are worth the price you pay. I recommend you buy them and give them a try and if you don’t enjoy them, then just return them. However, they have 2,831 reviews on their website averaging a 4.9-star rating.

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