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How to Get Better Sleep

Have you been tossing and turning each night wondering why is it so hard to fall asleep or get even a good night’s rest? Well read this article and I will tell you some easy steps you can take to fall asleep faster and get a good night’s rest for sure. Not only is good […]

Does Building Muscle Stunt Growth?

Someone once told me that lifting weights will stunt your growth when you are a teenager. So today we will be exploring if that is true or false. There is no scientific evidence that children will stop growing by lifting weights. In fact, there are benefits that include: increasing strength and bone strength index (BSI) […]

How To Gain Muscle Naturally

Wondering how to gain muscle? There are many fads, gimmicks, and “quick fixes” to be found, but there is really only one healthy way to gain muscle mass. You don’t need to be gifted with great genetics or use potentially dangerous illegal hormones or steroids. How Do You Gain Muscle? Gaining muscle mass breaks down […]

Are Cold Showers Good For You?

If you are like me you hate taking cold showers, especially in the morning! Most people, including myself, love to take hot showers. However, today we are going to be discussing why you might want to potentially include cold showers into your daily routine. What are cold showers? Cold showers is when the water temperature […]

Is Walking Good For You?

If you are like me, you despise running and will do everything in your power to not have the need to do that cardio. Unlike running, I love a good afternoon walk, but, is it really good for you? After some research, I think you’d be surprised how healthy walking can be for you, and […]