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Should You Workout When Sore?

Soreness in the muscles is something that we all experience after a hard day of lifting in the gym. When lifting weights your muscles tear, and when you rest those muscles will heal and become bigger and stronger. The tearing of the muscles can cause pain in those worked areas. Is soreness something that you […]

Best Calorie Counting Apps

If you are reading this you are probably looking to lose weight. If so you are in luck because one of the greatest ways to lose extra weight is through counting calories. A calorie is a measurement of food. And we all consume them on a daily basis. Calorie Counters help you get into a […]

Should You Work Out Abs Everyday?

The abdomen muscles are the muscles that everyone wants to be toned and shredded. whether it be because people want to have a nice beach body, or because they saw the abs on a hero from their favorite action film. These muscles look great when trained properly and are essential to building when you are […]

Is Fasting Good for You?

Have you ever felt like cleaning out for a few days and just not eating anything? I know I sure have and have actually done it! There have been many times where I just stopped eating for a few days. The real question here is, is fasting really good for you? What is Fasting? What […]